How do I know when it is time to come in for a checkup?

We recommend that patients with good oral health schedule an exam and hygiene visit twice each year. Checkups are important because, even if you don't notice any pain or problems with your teeth, there may be signs of potential problems. Demineralization is a precursor to decay, oral cancer often goes undetected until the later stages, and gum disease can be very stealthy. At your hygiene appointment, we clean plaque, tartar, and food particles from your teeth. We assess the health of the gums and supporting bone as well as perform an oral cancer screening.

Do I need X-rays?

To provide optimal care, we take bitewing X-rays once a year and a panoramic X-ray every three years. Because we use a digital system, our patients are exposed to about 80-percent less radiation than with a traditional radiograph. X-rays and intraoral photographs help us track your oral health and address problems early, when conservative dentistry can correct most issues.

Does the dentist see emergency cases?

Yes. We will see emergency cases during and after hours. If after hours, contact 724-776-2177.

What payment methods do you accept, and what are my financing options?

We gladly accept cash, checks, and credit cards. For patients who would like to explore reasonable financing options, we recommend CareCredit.

Do you accept dental insurance?

We file all claims and accept assignment of benefits when an insurance company allows. Please be ready to pay your portion of the bill at the end of your visit. If you have questions about your insurance coverage, we will be happy to assist you.

I have not been to the dentist in years, and Iā€™m ashamed to let a professional see the condition of my mouth. Is your staff judgmental?

First of all, congratulations on your decision to prioritize dental healthcare. Your mouth is a big part of your overall health, quality of life, and self-esteem. We will not judge you, but help you by addressing your oral problems, explaining treatment options, then scheduling a plan of action that suits your schedule and your budget.

I avoid dental visits because of this normal? Can you help?

Many people fear dental visits because of negative past experiences or control issues. We understand dental anxiety and offer a solution to help you overcome your stress. With nitrous oxide and a understanding, gentle chairside manner, we can help you gain full peace of mind and body so that you can receive the dental work you need ā€“ and deserve.

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